Housing Justice League

Which one of RentalRescue's super-heroic archetypes are you? Each wields a unique power to combat affordable housing challenges; defend affordability; and transform local housing communities. Embrace the spirit of heroism as we unveil these housing saviours:

The Guardian of Affordability

For community-centred organizations that want to enter or expand in their affordable housing portfolio. (e.g., nonprofits, cooperatives, non-market developers, charities).

The Community Builders

For people who want to contribute to the affordable housing solutions for socially-driven outcomes in the private market. (e.g. credit unions, banks, financiers, development firms, trusts, REITs, funds).

Transformation Catalyst

For those who want to leverage existing assets for intergenerational good. (e.g. Indigenous groups, private land and building owners, Community Land Trusts (CLTs), social enterprises, and faith-based agencies, real estate firms)

Tenacious Defender

For those who aim to safeguard the rights of tenants from evictions. (e.g., advocacy groups, tenant associations + unions, and legal clinics)

Workforce Warrior

For those seeking to develop or retain more workforce housing in your community. (e.g., labour unions, healthcare providers, real estate + trades sector)

Shared Services Model

Rental Rescue's shared services model, which provides resources and management functions to nonprofit organizations is open to expand to different regions and communities, including Indigenous, Rural and Northern regions of Canada - truly a pan-Canadian solution from coast-to-coast-to-coast. This allows RentalRescue to work in simultaneous support of multiple nonprofits in acquiring and managing affordable housing units.

Defining the Gap

The Gap represents the gap between the available resources and the needs of various stakeholders involved in affordable housing initiatives. RentalRescue (RR) aims to fill the gaps by providing shared services for apartment acquisition and development on behalf of charities and non-profit organizations (NPOs). This involves balancing the creation of maximum affordable housing units while delivering on underlying mission objectives and ensuring long-term value.

Housing Justice League

Affordable housing is more than just shelter; it's the cornerstone of thriving communities, economic stability, and individual well-being. At Rental Rescue, we understand the pressing need to address the affordable housing crisis comprehensively. We firmly believe that collective efforts can bring about transformative change in housing accessibility, and that's why we invite you to join our Housing Justice League.