With the affordability crisis escalating, the need for a comprehensive, sustainable, and collaborative approach to de-commodified housing preservation has never been greater.

⚑️ We move at market-speed

We understand the agility required to move with the market, and inject private partnerships into the nonprofit acquisition process.

🏒 We acquire

With an ultimate goal to transfer the asset ownership to local nonprofits.

♻️ We generate wealth

We marry the economic needs of nonprofits, with socially-driven initiatives of the private sector partners to drive community wealth.

🌳 We are intergenerational

We assess the history of the last 3 generations, and act on behalf of our next 3 generations.

πŸ«€ We are human-centred

We focus on the people, as the "end-users" of a community and a home.

🌎 We are holistic

Our solutions span across the housing continuum, from deeply affordable to market rental housing.

Our Mission

Rental Rescue empowers Canadian nonprofits to compete in the real estate market through acquisition of existing affordable housing stock, retaining affordable rental rates, and safeguarding tenants at-risk of precarious housing or homelessness.

Step 1: Values Alignment πŸ«€

We maintain a selective client roster + impact-driven portfolio based on mutual respect, lived experience, and good-faith; this ensures that our capabilities align perfectly with your visionary goals.

Step 2: Plan & Kick-Off πŸ“

We conduct thorough research to gather essential knowledge about your local housing market landscape and connect with key players to form a perspective that guides our strategic approach.

Step 3: Iterate + Refine πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ”§

We are committed to continuous improvement and adaptability, grounded in the principles of iteration and bracketing; ensuring optimal outcomes for our nonprofit clients + housing sector as a whole.

Housing Justice League πŸ’₯

You are the housing hero of your community. 🦸🏾 We are the "person behind the screen" that ensures you get there. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»


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